About Us

Haziq Remedies

Haziq Remedies and Haziq wellness & Training center is a well-known name in the field of Unani medicine in India. The main objective is to promote Unani system of medicine in India and abroad. We are also trying to provide a training platform for the training of Unani medical students/graduates. Haziq wellness & Training center is working in the following fields.


Hakim Molana Hamid Ali Khan (Late)

Founder, Haziq Remedies & Haziq Wellness & Training Center, Saharanpur (U.P.)

To inculcate passion of Unani medicine in Unani practitioners / Unani Graduate by conducting various programs like seminars, webinars and hands-on training program, So that Unani students can diagnose and practice according to Unani principles.

Unani Physicians practicing purely in Unani medicine and making significant contributions in various fields of Unani medicine are encouraged and awarded by “Hakim Abdul Aziz National Award”

To popularize Unani medicine and to deliver it to every door step, Free Medical Camps, Free Distribution of Unani Medicines programs are regularly organized along with the treatment with Ilaj Bit Tadbeer like Hijama, massage, exercise etc.

Training material and brain storm sessions are being provided by the subject experts to the students of Unani system of medicine during the period of internship for their Post graduate entrance test preparation and every possible help is being given to them.

To provide equipments & instruments used in Ilaj Bit Tadbeer at a very reasonable price and is providing free training by the subject experts so that students have no difficulty in practicing with Unani medicine.

Best quality Single and compound Unani drugs are being prepared and distributed to the Unani practitioners at very low cost So that the people can get the right treatment with best quality of Unani medicines. It will also help to popularize the Unani system of medicine among the people.


Promotion of Unani classical Practice
To provide best quality Unani single and compound drugs at reasonable price.
To open well equipped Unani Hospitals in every District of India.